In Flemish, the mother tongue of Collectif d'Anvers, 'Maatwerk' corresponds with 'made to measure' or 'tailor-made'.For Collectif d 'Anvers, the word 'Maatwerk' also has a different meaning.


In the world of Collectif d 'Anvers, 'Maat' also stands for 'artesan' or 'companion'. A person that has the desire to get to know you, to interact and exchange thoughts with you, and in doing so, reaches a result that surpasses all expectations. In 'Maatwerk', the word 'Werk' translates into the labor required to achieve this outstanding result.


The joint effort of our creativity and hands to create made to measure footwear and accessories of extremely high quality imbued with personality and attitude.These skilled and creative hands, called 'les mains' in French, were intrinsically connected with the world of couture.


'Les mains' have created astounding garments, shoes & accessories for the couture houses of Schiaparelli, Vionnet, Balenciaga, Charles James and Dior. Collectif d 'Anvers 'Maatwerk' has revived the creativity and craft of 'les mains', thus reconnecting you with a couture approach. We do not shy away from controversy in our 'Maatwerk' process.


Traditional manufacturing methods are challenged and reinvented to process unique leathers and custom-made textile designs and fabrics.

Where tradition, exuberance, artisticy and innovation clash, Collectif d'Anvers 'Maatwerk' finds harmony in the created contrasts.Collectif d 'Anvers offers you sophistication within the intimacy of our atelier.


We offer insight in our creative processes through a face-to-face dialogue and we remain in touch: In touch with what we do, and with you, the future owner and user of our creations.This is what makes 'Maatwerk' seductive and attractive: It is the basis of true luxury.





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