Creativity is about teamwork. Therefore, we only want to collaborate with those that really inspire and challenge us.

These collaborations give us the opportunity to give exposure to designers, artists and small-scale artisanal producers we truly believe in. Their visible and tangible input takes our products and presentations to the next level. Allowing us to explore new horizons mixing vision, tradition and innovation.

Designing is about looking forward. In order to keep a true connection with the products we make and ensure our status of a truly gifted and open-minded brand, we has chosen to keep the scale of our organization realistic. Simply put, everybody we join forces with, becomes a family-member. Implying that everything that is realized with and for us, needs to be close by. Close by in a geographical sense and close by in mentality.

All prototypes, made-to-measure footwear and accessories are realized in our Antwerp atelier. All the fabrics and knitwear we have commissioned, are produced by specialized studios just across the border in the Netherlands.

The production of our Prêt-à-porter footwear is done by a small-scale Italian family business that can boast a degree of specialisation and attention to detail that has almost become extinct.


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