• Collectif d’Anvers

    Les Mains Consacrées

    La Forêt

    The vision for ‘La Forêt’ unfolded when Natalie Van Lijsebettens, Collectif d'Anvers' owner zoomed in on Julian Schnabel's work. Savage landscapes emerged in the broken crockery of his paintings. Sharing her inspiration with artist Ilse Vanderbeken led to canvases oozing sultry mysteries. Like an iconoclast, Natalie cut parts from the paintings, fusing the brushstrokes with the leather and shape of her footwear, creating a unique appeal for each individual piece.

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Incising impish storylines in all we create, we push our hands and craftsmanship to contrive exciting new rituals, surfaces and shapes.


In keeping with our ethics we have the desire not to overproduce. The production of the shoes, boots or fashion artefacts will only start after you have placed your order. Please allow a production time of 3 to 4 weeks for Bye Good / Goodbye collection pieces. Our La Forêt collection can be pre-ordered for delivery in August.


Bye Good X Good Bye reflects on how we try to deflect the onslaught of harshness and brutality. This kimono is the figurehead of the Bye Good X Good Bye collection and displays a fish skeleton on the back. At the first glance this skeleton looks terrifying, but the extraordinary level of detail in the embroidery and softness of the material give the skeleton an unexpected tangible quality and desireability.

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